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Samsung D6350 32-inch 3D Smart TV Review

Samsung D6350 is the latest smart television around the techworld. Crystal Black Panel, Full HD , smart real motion, 3D picture with 32-inch wide screen. First time I enjoy the real clean 3D movie through this TV. Social connect facility make my life easier.

These new 3DTVs are based on the company`s “Smart Real Motion” technology and have three attractive features such as the crystal black panel, 3D hyper real engine and speed backlight. There is no resolution degradation in viewing 2D as well as stereoscopic 3D images.

Samsung D6350 Smart TV provides new Smart Hub, which enabling users to connect to social networks like Facebook, twitter, etc. It also allows users to search and surf the internet, and Samsung Apps store for download apps. User can convert his television 2D to 3D with its 2D-3D conversion option.


  • 32"- 40" inch Screen
  • 3D hyper real engine
  • Smart real motion
  • Speed backlight
  • Crystal Black Panel
  • Social networks connectivity
  • 2D-3D conversion option.
  • Samsung Apps store connectivity


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